ROMEing through Rome

When I say romeing, I actually mean roaming because when you are exploring in Rome, everyone moves at a snail’s pace.  They drive like maniacs, but walk like turtles.  If you get stuck behind people moving extremely slow, it is impossible to get around because of the sidewalk widths and they will never move over for you… ever. So just be prepared to move slowly.

Although annoyed at times with the walking speed, I could be stuck in Rome for years and never run out of new things to do and see!  Every neighborhood is full of unique surprises and quirks that are not present in any of the other neighborhoods.

One of the most diverse areas is the EUR.  This area was originally made to celebrate 20 years of Fascism by Mussolini, but is now mostly residential and businesses.   The aesthetic is completely different from anywhere else in Rome.  Visiting the EUR is like leaving Rome without actually doing it.

The Iowa State Campus is located in the area known as the “Jewish Ghetto”. This is an area near the Tiber Island that was originally a very cramped area used to confine the Jewish people.  Obviously it has since been changed into a Jewish historic district with residences and small local businesses.  The shop/bar (coffee) owners here are always very friendly.  I don’t even have to order at my “go-to” coffee shop because as soon as I walk in the door, they start making my usual cappuccino and croissant.

I live in the neighborhood of Trastevere; here you can find plenty of dogs to pet, coffee shops, cheaper groceries, and the Sunday Market (my market experience can be found by clicking the link).  I love not living near school or as close to the city center because it is a bit calmer on most days.  Although there is still a ridiculous amount of honking outside of my window.  It seems some of those “maniac” drivers have found there way to Trastevere as well.



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