Acropol of Minutes in Athens

Athens, Greece is touristy for a reason! It is one of the most beautiful and unique cities I have visited.  The city itself surprised me because it was not ancient at all; it seemed as if the Acropolis was the abnormality within the city.  The Parthenon is located on a massive hill and visible from almost every point in the city, but the city itself was mostly from the 20th century.  The contrast is quite beautiful and definitely worth seeing.


Since I visited in February, it was not yet the tourist season; this was perfect for sight-seeing!  It was great that there were very few people at the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum, but this also meant that it was construction time for may of the sights.  If you want the perfect picture or the postcard view, this is not the time for you; but personally, it added a layer of interest to the ancient monuments.  We don’t often think about how ancient monuments are restored and repaired, but they must be in order to keep up their pristine condition.  If you want to see the Parthenon and other temples in their formal state, you can easily google image them; you can’t always see them surrounded by cranes, construction workers, and tourists all at the same time.

On a side note, the food and shopping in Athens is also amazing!  It may seem obvious, but the gyros in Greece were mouth-watering and delicious (go to ‘Smile’).  There is a main shopping street lined with stores and they were all hosting sales in the off-season!

I can’t vouch for Athens during the tourist season, but in February, it is amazing!  There are no lines, crowds, and everything is cheaper.


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